Emotional Intelligence Exercise, October, 2014.

Each exercise uses a specific mental ability you have and activates an important part of your brain. There are no “right or wrong” answers. Maintain and enhance your cognitive abilities based on neuroscience principles. Each exercise takes 5 minutes or less. Write down your answers or just keep them in mind. Enjoy.

Question:  New Federal and State law allows a person to designate their pet as “an emotional support” pet.  To do so, a prescription by a physician or psychologist is required. With the prescription, the pet may be taken into hotels, malls, office buildings and on airlines.

An emotional support pet is not the same as a service dog such as a dog who assists a person who is physically or visually handicapped. It is not specially trained as many service dogs are trained. Their primary purpose is to provide emotional support.

What do you think of this idea?

Screenshot 2014-10-16 21.39.05

EI Mental Abilities: Empathy and Insight.

Brain Map: Right frontal lobe and Limbic system.

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