Parent facilitation is a creative coaching process to help caring parents engage in successful shared parenting after separation or divorce.

The parent facilitator is a coach that can help with the process of parent-based choices. So the opportunity of parent facilitation is meaningful. It provides us with an optimistic, enthusiastic view that if we work hard, apply our intellects and focus on the joint goals and influences of parents we can, and will, succeed in helping the children we care about have a good life.

We increasingly come to realize that parenting is a psychological experience. We are coaches to those parents who seek guidance in order to best prepare their children for a successful life following divorce and separation. We wrote this book – “Parent Facilitation: Win-Win Coaching” – to promote the view of a parent-facilitator partnership as a cooperating team which brings us together to reach this goal.

Parent Facilitation: Win-Win Coaching
Parent Facilitation – WIN-WIN Coaching: A Shared Parenting Strategy After Separation or Divorce
co-written with Ami Gordon and Sue Gordon.

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