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I always wanted to be a psychologist
I always wanted to be a psychologist.

Celebrating 30 years of successful practice, Dr. Robert Gordon is a nationally recognized forensic and clinical psychologist. He is the director of the Wilmington Institute Network [WIN] which is an outstanding international team of behavioural scientists.

The WIN Experts’ Panel is recognized for successfully applying scientific and therapeutic methods to helping families and corporations resolve conflict in family law and commercial cases. Dr. Gordon is supportive of the collaborative law model for resolving family law issues outside of court and for the mediation of commercial and personal injury cases. He applies next generation neuroscience techniques including brain synchrony training designed as enjoyable games to help people resolve conflicts.
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RG and JB at Bush Library Oval Office

Dr Bob and Joy Bengfort at the Bush Library Oval Office

The Original Dr Bob
The Original Dr Bob – Bob Newhart as Dr Bob Hartley from the popular TV series

Dr. Gordon has served his profession as President of the Texas Psychological Association and Chair of the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. He received the Distinguished Psychologist Award which recognized his contribution to building a bridge between the disciplines of psychology and the law. He has helped corporations and individuals creatively and successfully try and settle jury trials in significant commercial and intellectual property litigation
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