Brain Exercise [Bronze Award] No.52

Each exercise uses a specific mental ability you have and activates an important part of your brain. There are no “right or wrong” answers. Maintain and enhance your cognitive abilities based on neuroscience principles. Each exercise takes 5 minutes or less. Write down your answers or just keep them in mind. Enjoy.

Some people say things they think are true but are not. Some people say things they wish were true but which are not. Other people simply say things they know are not true.

Some people understate or overstate things. They may edit the truth, e.g. they don’t tell the whole truth. Other people say or do things that distract us from the truth.

Question: Under normal conditions, can you tell if someone is lying? If so, how?

Mental Abilities: Interpreting visual and auditory cues. Accessing past experience.

Brain Map: Superior temporal sulcus. Cerebellum, amygdale, and other systems.

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